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Miriam Shoham Ltd is a family business which was established in 1984.
Today, the name ‘Shoham‘ is associated with being a supplier of high quality fruits which offers exceptional appearance and taste.
It achieves its goals by creating a strategic plan in association with its global partners located throughout the world.

Miriam Shoahm Ltd is one of the leading growers in Israel. We pack and export fruit that we grow our self, what give us the added values to lead the markets we involved in.

  • We offer a direct information flow between our customers and the field.
  • We have great knowledge of the fruit we handle, because we are involved in the growing period as well, and familiar with the pros and cons of the specific varieties.
  • We have better tools to plan and to prepare our customers in advance.
  • We are able to conduct experiments and developments in a best and easy manner.

All the fruit that we export is packed in our improved state of the art and advanced pack house which has all the European operations certifications, such as BRC, Field to Fork, ISO, Euro-GAP, and Nature‘s Choice.

In addition we offer:

  • Better flow of information among our International Marketing Department (IMD) to the Pack House, that makes it possible to work as one entity.
  • Ability to act fast, while bearing in mind our customers needs.
  • We have a new pack house facility that includes advance refrigeration, cooling and sorting systems, what allow us to have better control of the fruit.

Our International Marketing Department (IMD) is occupied with experienced personnel that provide the customers with a personal and professional service through all the marketing, export and import process.

  • Because we control and involved through all the process (i.e. Growing, packing, marketing and the export process), we are able to provide our customers with exact products and packages they are interested of.
  • Our IMD provides direct growing requirements to the field managers.

Shoham fruit arrives at its destination with the same quality as upon leaving the packing house, each shipment tailored to customer needs.

The Shoham Organization invests a great deal of resources and efforts in learning about how each fruit reacts on its way to various destinations. We have been conducting studies to target this goal, with monitoring of results and daily follow-up of the packing house data for all types of fruit that we market.

We take a sample of each shipment for follow-up, through the temperature monitor installed in each container and every trailer, which we then analyze.

Quality is maintained thanks to the painstaking efforts we make to maintain continuous refrigeration along the entire route of the fruit transport, using all of the logistical means at our disposal as Israeli exporters, on land, at sea and in the air.

From the farmer to the end-user we find logistical means that do not harm the fruit.

As we all know, the value of the fruit is measured in money, in the remuneration received by the farmer and its final retail price.

We at Shoham are currently working on new innovations to lower the logistics costs while maintaining superior temperature control. We form direct relationships with customs clearance agents and dispatchers around the world.

We do our utmost to prevent any extra delays at border crossings and customs to provide outstanding service to our overseas customers.

We track every fruit that goes out, monitoring each shipment to the maximum until it arrives at its final destination in the best possible way, while monitoring each and every problem that may arise and handling it in real-time while keeping the customer informed.
Finding solutions from the packing house to the customers house
Containerization in our company takes place within the packing house, under temperature regulated conditions with cutting-edge technology. Most of our logistics take the fruit directly from packing house to customers house, making sure to have as few as possible stops in between.

Logistical objectives and modes
Israel - Transport of the fruit to ports and border crossings (Haifa, Ashdod, Ben-Gurion International Airport, Eilat and the border crossings)
Europe container trailers and pallets to the customer or delivery to port
Eastern Europe - Rapid containers to Novorossiysk and Odessa ports
South Africa Containers (with option for controlled air transport) to Durban port
Middle East Containers direct to various ports
Cyprus Pallets on deck twice a week
Jordan Direct land transport
Air transport to all destinations To the customers home or the airport

Were open to new ideas!
Yes, we make sure to be updated by customs clearance agents and dispatchers in the field, but we are always happy to hear about any new methods! We maintain openness and boldness, while trying new logistics modes each year.

At Shoham we have a QC system implanted to monitor fruit quality from the grower through the packing house and all the way to our customers.
We monitor the growing process, guide the grower and stay in close contact with him all through the season.

All our growers work according to Israeli and international regulation and standards.
At the packing house QC begins in checking the fruit on entrance.

The process of sorting, packing and shipment is closely monitored.

Our QC system allows full traceability from grower to customer.

We at Shoham, stay in close contact with our customers to understand their requirements and meet their demands.

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